5 myths about good posture

Fashion for a figure is constantly changing, but the criteria for a beautiful posture remain virtually unchanged. Beautiful (correct) posture makes movements smooth and graceful, and gait – easy and steady. Plus, unconsciously for others, it increases your attractiveness and authority in their eyes. In the article, we will consider 5 errors when working on improving posture.

To correct posture, you need to strengthen weak muscles

This is an outdated approach that does not lead to life without pain, and most importantly – does not change the true position of the posture. Our spine can make 27 movements (and all of them are important). Restriction in one plane or in one movement leads to inevitable compensation in another plane of movement. On the one hand, this is a huge plus, because we have the ability to adapt to changing conditions (injuries, operations, structural disorders, etc.). On the other hand, we can obtain a restriction of mobility by simply stopping to move normally during the day or training hard without taking into account plane diversity.

It is a VARIOUS movement that helps keep your back healthy and your posture beautiful.

To posture was a royal, her need to constantly monitor

The truth is that our posture is dictated by the nervous system and maintained independently, like breathing. We can control it only with a brief effort. If we consciously use muscle strength (for example, we reduce the shoulder blades and stretch ourselves into a string), this is not our posture, but a temporary condition. Once you get distracted by something else, you will return to your usual position in the body. Yes, with the help of conscious control of the posture you can accustom yourself to a new posture, but most likely it will develop a habit of only a tense and “frozen” posture, which, as we already know, does not mean either beauty or health.

Posture is just muscles and joints.

Our happiness literally depends on posture. It is impossible to change your posture until you deal with chronic fatigue, insomnia, an emotional mental disorder that kills you with work. You don’t have to go far to check how posture affects emotions and vice versa, how an emotional state changes posture. Stoop and start telling a funny and exciting story and after a few seconds you will notice how your posture begins to change: your shoulders will open, your back will straighten and your mood will improve. You can use this knowledge with confidence to improve your posture. Instead of reminding yourself to straighten your back, think about something that kindles you, then your posture will adapt to your new thoughts.

People with poor posture always have a backache or something else

There are many people with excellent posture, tormented by pain, and vice versa – with terrible posture, but not at all suffering from pain. When evaluating posture, it is easy to fall into a trap, assuming that poor posture hurts, but miss the true cause of the pain. The fact is that pain can also change posture. It is very important to remember this because Posture too often distracts specialists from the real causes of pain.

There are studies that show that too large or too small bending of the cervical spine:

  • is not clinically significant;
  • has no significant relationship with neck pain.

Posture can only be improved with special training.

In fact, one can help one’s own posture in many ways. For this it is important:

  • change the ergonomics of the workplace (check if your place is conveniently organized, maybe your chair should be replaced a long time ago);
  • get up from a chair and move slightly every 20 minutes;
  • move in a variety of ways during the week (dance salsa, swim, play golf, run after children, go kayaking);
  • Add instability to your daily activities, even passive ones. For example, start sitting on the fitball when working at the computer, stand on the balancing platform when watching TV shows, walk barefoot in the sand.
    Think positively, move diverse!

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