Emotional Burnout

Emotional burnout – we now talk about
varieties of apathy, when the result is already achieved,
and suddenly, “I do not want anything, well, it’s in figs, everything is in vain.”
That is, increasing motivation for sports and losing weight,
or where to move when the result is already obtained.

Burnout syndrome is often a consequence of physical and mental exhaustion, usually against a background of stress. It manifests itself in the form of personal detachment, underestimation of the assessment of one’s activity, a sense of meaninglessness. In our case, the signs are as follows:

  • Formally, the goal has been achieved – you have lost weight, shook a hundred, scored ten ..
  • Satisfaction from the result is not felt
  • I want to send everything away
  • Positive feedback from others seems to you a primitive flattery.

Result, anticipation, frustration?

So, for starters, let’s note that the anticipation of obtaining a result and the pleasure of the result itself are different things from the point of view of biochemistry (associated with the action of dopamine). Therefore, for many people, the process itself, preceding the obtaining of the result, savoring how “it will be when ….” is much more important and this is completely normal.

The second reason is frustration. Frustration in the matter of emotional burnout occupies a very important place, because it seriously increases the stressfulness of the situation, and stress is always a companion of emotional burnout. I remind you that frustration is a feeling of deceived expectation. I will give an example. When a guy thinks: “here I will make myself six dice and a bitsukha and all the girls will be mine.” Or, when a girl dreams: “I’ll lose weight and make myself a nut, and then George will definitely marry me.”

And so, the guy makes six dice for himself and it turns out that the girls’ attention to him, of course, has increased, but he expected GREATER. But the girl lost weight, pumped up her ass, the guys around lay in stacks, and George, the cattle, is not going to get married. This is what this guy with cubes and the girl with booty are experiencing is called frustration.

Result or process?

I often say that your appearance is not a consequence of training and diets, but a consequence of lifestyle. I will explain – if training and nutrition is a way of life, then you always look your best. If training and nutrition is a project such as “lose weight by 20kg by summer” – this is hell and torment. If life is conducted on the principle of “high from the fact that today I am a little better than yesterday” – then you are doomed to the fact that:

  • Every day constantly improve. To infinity.
  • Enjoy the process until the end of life.
  • Never know what emotional burnout is.

As soon as you set yourself the goal of never stopping, you automatically knock the soil from under the feet of the ugly “I dreamed and broke off”. It is impossible to break off if the process never ends. If the result is to make yourself a little better every day than yesterday, in a few years no one will recognize you. But you will not stop …

How to increase motivation?

And now I will tell you about how you can successfully motivate motivation for any business. To do this, we need to turn to the experience of the most successful and fanatically dedicated people – religious preachers. And in order that the fire of motivation really burns in you yourself with a vengeance – we will preach. Do not think that a religious preacher is only thinking about how to make a plan to attract new adherents to the sect. No. First of all, the process of preaching helps him to become stronger in faith!

To do this, we are doing here is the assignment:

Over the next 30 days from this moment, your task is to rescue one single person from the “belly worshipers” sect. Techniques – any. Do you want – show him my site or books – do not want to show. Want to blackmail, want to paint all the charms. But your task is to captivate at least one person. In the process of your attempts to do this, you will notice a very interesting feature – being forced to clarify all the advantages of being in a healthy lifestyle (prestigious lifestyle) for others, you will be even more convinced of these advantages yourself! Try it and you won’t regret it.

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