Slimming Myths

Myths about losing weight. Today is not about diets and weight loss and miracle belts, in fact, from which you can not lose weight, or, for example, not that diet pills do not exist. Today we will consider two myths – the first one is that if we allow ourselves something once a week, nothing bad will happen. And the second – the opposite – we eat a year later, as we immediately gain one hundred kilograms of fat!


To begin with, I will tell you about homeostasis. Homeostasis is an equilibrium state that our body tries to keep in every way possible. The best example of homeostasis is our temperature of 36.6 degrees. We are constantly attacked by various viruses, bacteria, habitats and if the body did not have the ability to withstand this maintenance of homeostasis – we would have died out long ago.

So, our weight, fat percentage, metabolism – is just as prone to homeostasis as body temperature. One trouble – the body does not know that weight is overweight. She considers any, fairly long-term state of the environment and the state of the body – stable. If we feed the body with junk food and sugar for a long time, it begins to consider this condition to be normal. If we live overweight for a long time – he cannot understand it – it considers such a weight to be homeostatic and …

The body will do our best to keep this percentage of fat – this is homeostasis. And now I’ll tell you how the myths about losing weight and diets are related.

The meaning of the transition to proper nutrition

So, the main point of the transition to proper nutrition is the creation of a new state of homeostasis. One in which you have a low percentage of fat, a high metabolic rate. And it is easy to guess that in order for the body to begin to consider the absence of excess fat the norm, a long time must pass. Only when the body receives a new homeostatic state does it stop gaining instant fat in reserve. And from here we immediately see the whole untenable statement “well, once a week it is possible.”

Judge for yourself: the transition to new rails for the body stress. He is doing his best to regain his old condition – to return to homeostasis. That is, to slow down the metabolism, so as not to let the fat spend. Get back fat as soon as possible, like yo-yo and the like.

And if you let the body know once a week that a new diet is not constant – that there is a chance to return everything as it was – a new state of homeostasis will not form. It is useless to count calories and think that it is only a matter of arithmetic – if only everyone would lose weight and gain the same amount. However, at the beginning of the journey (!) – sometimes allow yourself – this is a myth about diet and weight loss.

The Slimming Myth 2

From here we smoothly move on to the myth of diet and weight loss number two – after ten years I will gain fat from a little chocolate bar. As you already understood, time, in this case, works for you. If you have been involved in sports for a long time, practicing proper nutrition, then the state of homeostasis in you is sharpened precisely for such a percentage of fat and such a metabolism. And any attempt to knock you out of it will meet all kinds of resistance in the body. And this means that if you happen to gobble up in this state just in the trash with pizza, cola, and beer – you won’t gain a single gram of fat and the body will throw all the junk safely. So, homeostasis is not always our enemy 🙂

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