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Grilled Tuna Salade NiçoiseBy fitnescookThe “authentic” ingredients of a salade niçoise are debatable – potato and tuna being the most contentious. Most Niçois would argue that the classic version doesn’t contain tuna, but I choose to serve my salad with seared tuna steak as I think they make beautiful partners.
Avocado SaladBy fitnescookA variety of avocado salads have long taken root in the diet of losing weight girls because of the high content of healthy fats. Avocado salad according to this recipe will satisfy hunger for a long time.
Natural yogurt with cherries and blueberriesBy fitnescookThe recipe for natural yogurt with fresh blueberries and cherries is easy to prepare and does not contain harmful additives. Greek yogurt with berries is suitable even for a low-carb diet, and its taste is not inferior to high-calorie sweets.
Blueberry CheesecakeBy fitnescookA simple recipe for blueberry cheesecake will appeal to even those who do not know how to cook.
Baked appleBy fitnescookThere are desserts that can be eaten even on a diet. An example of this is an apple baked with nuts in the oven.
Baked GrapefruitBy fitnescookYou can prepare a low-calorie dessert from a minimum of products. Grapefruit baked with honey and cinnamon will enrich your diet with vitamins and will not prevent weight loss.
Baked PearBy fitnescookIf you want to make a dietary dessert, then a pear baked in the oven is the most delicious option. In one portion of pear, baked with honey, only 131 kcal.
Chocolate Magcake with CurdBy fitnescookCake with cocoa and cottage cheese - an excellent breakfast for those who are watching the figure. Oatmeal will give you the necessary energy, and the curd will nourish the muscles.
Salad with Watermelon and CucumberBy fitnescookA detox salad with watermelon and arugula is an unusual combination of familiar foods. Fresh salad of watermelon and cucumber helps to eliminate fluid from the body.
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