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Oatmeal Apple MuffinsBy fitnescookPrepare a dietary and healthy dessert is quite real. Oatmeal Apple Muffins is a simple fitness recipe for oatmeal, which is as simple as possible to prepare. Healthy muffins are a great substitute for dessert.
Chocolate Sandwich CookiesBy fitnescookDo you think that chocolate cookies are inaccessible to those who watch the figure? You are mistaken. Sandwich cookies with cottage cheese without sugar and flour - a great fitness dessert.
Cottage cheese casserole with blueberriesBy fitnescookFor the preparation of diet casseroles from cottage cheese flour and sugar are not used. In its structure only useful products. Cottage cheese casserole with blueberries contains only 2 grams of fat per serving.
Rice with vegetablesBy fitnescookPrepare a healthy and tasty side dish is quite real. The recipe for boiled rice with vegetables is an excellent source of slow carbohydrates, which is suitable for any diet.
Brown rice with chicken filletBy fitnescookRice with chicken fillet - it's hard to imagine a simpler and more useful lunch option. Cooked according to this recipe, the chicken will be juicy, and the rice is fragrant.
Fruit salad with yogurtBy fitnescookFruits can be an excellent breakfast. Sweet orange lovers will like the salad with orange, banana and honey. 5 minutes and healthy breakfast is ready! Only 262 kcal in large portions.
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